Saratoga Prosperity Partnership

Opposition to funding for the failed Saratoga Prosperity Partnership




A petition

From the Taxpayers of Saratoga County

To the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors

Opposing the Funding for The Saratoga Prosperity Partnership.


We; the undersigned taxpayers are writing in opposition to funding for the failed Saratoga Prosperity Partnership. As a fiscally conservative county fostering a business-friendly environment, the spending on this enterprise has proven to be another example of failed government led economic development.

Since 2015 when Saratoga County chartered the Saratoga Prosperity Partnership, a government led economic development corporation, and fully funded it from expanded taxing authority on hotels, it has spent nearly $4M for its efforts.

Well documented public reports have revealed excessive travel expenses , salaries and little demonstrated progress attracting new project investment and job creation . In fact, according to the Times Union, throughout its nearly five years of service only one project came to Waterford from Troy leading to just 12 new jobs.

This experiment in failed publicly funded economic development must end in this budget.

We are signing this petition calling on our election town Supervisors to cut funding for the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership for 2020.

Spending $4 million collected from hotel occupancy taxes for next to no economic impact is not acceptable.

Government-style bureaucracy is not an effective use of tax dollars.

Zero out the budget for this agency in favor of better investment in local priorities like improving the county’s infrastructure.

Whereas , the Saratoga Prosperity Partnership has existed as the county’s economic development corporation since 2015 and since that time collected approximately $4M of taxpayer dollars, and

Whereas , the Saratoga Prosperity partnership has made no noticeable impact on job growth in the county

Whereas , the funds used to subsidize Saratoga Prosperity Partnership could be put to better use by paving roads or hiring police officers etc.

Whereas , Saratoga County is lucky enough to have a private economic development corporation, SEDC, already in existence, creating jobs and providing economic development with zero cost to the taxpayer.

Now therefore be it resolved ,

That we urge the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors to defund the Saratoga Prosperity Partnership, and

That we demand a return to fiscal responsibility which includes, putting the funds earmarked for the Saratoga Prosperity Partnership to better use throughout the county.

The undersigned pledge as informed, motivated and active citizens that we will remain engaged to hold members of the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors accountable for decisions that waste taxpayer dollars.